Before the shave!

Before the shave!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Waiting on the order now...

Well... it has been just over 3 months now... my hair is growing back... slowly lol :) I'm quite enjoying having short hair for the moment... so easy to care for & don't have to tie it up when it's windy hehe but I do get annoyed sometimes that all I can do with it is spike it up a little! Anyway... this is a pretty current pic of me from the 1st of Feb when my new nephew Jarrod was born :)

ATM I'm waiting to hear back from the PMHF when the new items arrive. They received all of your donations (thank you again everyone who supported me!) which came to a fantastic final tally of $2177.00 & we have ordered:

a Nellcor N-65 Handheld Pulse Oximeter:
and a Kangaroo 324 Enteral Feeding Pump:

They will each have a small plaque attached reading something along the lines of... "Donated by Rochelle Prestwidge & supporters 2007". There will also be a few dollars spare to go into the 3B ward kitty :)

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