Before the shave!

Before the shave!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Finally got the Sats monitor & feeding pump :D

Getting ready to put the plaque on the Sats monitor
Putting it on
There it is... on the back
Smiles for the camera :)Putting the plaque on the feeding pumpThats it on the top... that blurred spot lolIt says "Proudly Donated By Rochelle Prestwidge & Supporters 2007

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Waiting on the order now...

Well... it has been just over 3 months now... my hair is growing back... slowly lol :) I'm quite enjoying having short hair for the moment... so easy to care for & don't have to tie it up when it's windy hehe but I do get annoyed sometimes that all I can do with it is spike it up a little! Anyway... this is a pretty current pic of me from the 1st of Feb when my new nephew Jarrod was born :)

ATM I'm waiting to hear back from the PMHF when the new items arrive. They received all of your donations (thank you again everyone who supported me!) which came to a fantastic final tally of $2177.00 & we have ordered:

a Nellcor N-65 Handheld Pulse Oximeter:
and a Kangaroo 324 Enteral Feeding Pump:

They will each have a small plaque attached reading something along the lines of... "Donated by Rochelle Prestwidge & supporters 2007". There will also be a few dollars spare to go into the 3B ward kitty :)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Taelum & also it's still not too late to donate!

Me & Taelum:
The comment I most hear since the shave is "you have a nice shaped head" but I think that Taelum has a nicer shaped head than me!! This beautiful 9yo girl was diagnosed earlier this year with Ewings Carcinoma of her pelvis. Her Chemo makes her feel pretty yucky but She usually still has a smile for me :) We had to play around with her anti-emetics (nausea medications) & even though she still feels yucky with her Chemo, at least She isn't vomiting all the time anymore.

And yes it's true... It's still not too late to sponsor me!!!

I'm keeping all donations coming in in a high interest savings account for the entire month so that I will have the interest credited at the month turnover to add to the final count :) Not to mention I'm still waiting on a few of those pledges to come in!!!

Cuddles with Rachy:
Two baldies wandering the corridors of the ward (I was making the most of the opportunity for cuddles without being connected to any IV lines or feeding bags... a rarity) :)

Saturday, November 3, 2007

It's done... I'm bald!

The morning of the shave... Mum had to get some pics of my hair b4 it came off lol

And ones from the back too :)

With Giac before the painting... he was already planning his attack lol

And with Ryan... he's a bit shy :)

The painting begins...

Wow... what colours!

Ryan in deep concentration... this is tricky work ;)

I tried to comp the paint out a bit but ended up toweling it & then brushing it through... that pulled out some hair... ouch!

Erin & Carol plaiting my hair before the big cut...

And the cut begins...

Giac showing off a plait lol :D

Captain Starlight interviewing me :)

And the clipping begins...

A bit of a reverse mowhawk to start off with ;)

... The finishing touches!

Giac thought he should reattach one of the plaits ;)

My first touch....

I was having fun :)

Smiles for the cameras :)

Do I look good in pink??

And it's over :)

Like the paint work?? Giac made sure he painted my scalp lol

Left side...

Right side...

And the rest are all just muddling together lol

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Me & Immie doing blood pressures:
Actually... we were only pretending for the photo ;) But we did do BP's after the camera was gone! That's one thing that Immie had to have LOTS of... BP's... & never liked having done :( The best trick I found was one night when Immie had to have 15min BP's for a couple of hours during chemo... I got the cuff on her arm and left the room... each time the cuff pumped up her daddy counted with her until it finished... & I looked through the window & wrote down the reading :D

Imogen was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in February 2007. She has been through chemo & surgery but... on 18 July 2007 was titled NED (no evidence of disease). She will continue to attend clinic checkups over the next few years to make sure she stays that way!

It's lovely to see Immie looking so well, smiling & playing again... & her hair is growing back! To support Immie please visit the family's blog: