Before the shave!

Before the shave!

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Me & Immie doing blood pressures:
Actually... we were only pretending for the photo ;) But we did do BP's after the camera was gone! That's one thing that Immie had to have LOTS of... BP's... & never liked having done :( The best trick I found was one night when Immie had to have 15min BP's for a couple of hours during chemo... I got the cuff on her arm and left the room... each time the cuff pumped up her daddy counted with her until it finished... & I looked through the window & wrote down the reading :D

Imogen was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in February 2007. She has been through chemo & surgery but... on 18 July 2007 was titled NED (no evidence of disease). She will continue to attend clinic checkups over the next few years to make sure she stays that way!

It's lovely to see Immie looking so well, smiling & playing again... & her hair is growing back! To support Immie please visit the family's blog:

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