Before the shave!

Before the shave!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Taelum & also it's still not too late to donate!

Me & Taelum:
The comment I most hear since the shave is "you have a nice shaped head" but I think that Taelum has a nicer shaped head than me!! This beautiful 9yo girl was diagnosed earlier this year with Ewings Carcinoma of her pelvis. Her Chemo makes her feel pretty yucky but She usually still has a smile for me :) We had to play around with her anti-emetics (nausea medications) & even though she still feels yucky with her Chemo, at least She isn't vomiting all the time anymore.

And yes it's true... It's still not too late to sponsor me!!!

I'm keeping all donations coming in in a high interest savings account for the entire month so that I will have the interest credited at the month turnover to add to the final count :) Not to mention I'm still waiting on a few of those pledges to come in!!!

Cuddles with Rachy:
Two baldies wandering the corridors of the ward (I was making the most of the opportunity for cuddles without being connected to any IV lines or feeding bags... a rarity) :)

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