Before the shave!

Before the shave!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

It's done... I'm bald!

The morning of the shave... Mum had to get some pics of my hair b4 it came off lol

And ones from the back too :)

With Giac before the painting... he was already planning his attack lol

And with Ryan... he's a bit shy :)

The painting begins...

Wow... what colours!

Ryan in deep concentration... this is tricky work ;)

I tried to comp the paint out a bit but ended up toweling it & then brushing it through... that pulled out some hair... ouch!

Erin & Carol plaiting my hair before the big cut...

And the cut begins...

Giac showing off a plait lol :D

Captain Starlight interviewing me :)

And the clipping begins...

A bit of a reverse mowhawk to start off with ;)

... The finishing touches!

Giac thought he should reattach one of the plaits ;)

My first touch....

I was having fun :)

Smiles for the cameras :)

Do I look good in pink??

And it's over :)

Like the paint work?? Giac made sure he painted my scalp lol

Left side...

Right side...

And the rest are all just muddling together lol


Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Hi Rochelle

It actually really suits you, brings out those beautiful cheekbones! Thanks for all the wonderful pics, it was worth every cent of sponsorship money! Take care of yourself and don't get a cold head!


Anonymous said...

I think you are beautiful hair or not!!
Probably better than the cut Rebekah gave you when you were little, at least they didn't do your lashes as well!!
Love you
Aunty Jill

Blake Cahill & Family said...

Hi Shell

You are AMAZING and look absolutely STUNNING!!! We can't wait to get back to the ward to give you great big kisses on your BEAUTIFUL bald head :)

Please be proud of what you've achieved... you've earned it!!

Love Baby Blake & Family